a man sitting on an armchair with his hand covering his mouth, Friedrich Kunath in his studio

Friedrich Kunath

Romanticism reimagined in dreamlike compositions.

“I feel that it’s the very engine of my work, this longing for a place that doesn’t exist - it’s an empty promise.”

Kunath saturates his art in irony, nostalgia and pathos. Working predominantly in painting, but also across sculpture, installation and film, he roots his practice in unlikely stylistic juxtapositions. Vast landscapes and fragments of still life recall 19th century Romanticism and Northern Baroque painting, while cartoon characters, 90s song lyrics and tropical sunsets nod to contemporary popular...

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Friedrich Kunath was born in 1974 in Chemnitz, Germany and now lives in Los Angeles, US - a seismic cultural shift explored throughout his practice.


Landmark, 320-page monograph -Friedrich Kunath: I Don’t Worry Anymore - published by Rizzoli Electa in 2018.

Did you know?

The artist names German painter Walter Dahn as a pivotal influence, on account of a shared desire to connect the art with music via references to their enmeshed history and theory.

Collaborations with Friedrich Kunath