Szabolcs Bozó sitting in blue overalls wearing a cap in his studio

Szabolcs Bozó

Childlike curiosity reigns in joyous cartoonish creatures.

“Funnily, I used to say that instead of Cubism, I represent the Cuteism movement.”

Szabolcs Bozó’s fluid approach to painting and drawing encapsulates the freedom of youth with refreshing honesty. The energetic creatures morph between human, animal and friendly monster, often with multiple heads and limbs. The self-taught artist has a profoundly intuitive understanding of colour. Despite using single-colour blocks, each one is brimming with variations in texture and tonality: wi...

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Szabolcs Bozó was born in 1992 in Pécs, Hungary, and now lives and works in London, UK.


In 2017 he began sharing a studio in London with fellow Hungarian artist Márton Nemes, who provided a wealth of artistic and personal encouragement at a critical point in Bozó's career.

Did you know?

He is captivated by the imperfections and accidents that occur in his practice, often leaving behind fingerprints as testament to intuition and process.

Collaborations with Szabolcs Bozó