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Conrad Jon Goldy

Conrad Jon Godly’s nature paintings are of a sublime that escapes romanticisation. Their spirit is the result of ambitions beyond beauty.

Thick layers of oil paint are applied onto the canvas. During the process, there is no stepping back. Fully immersed in the image the brush moves steadily until the desired vision materialises. Every painting will be finished within a day, and while some days are naturally better than others, every piece is strictly worked on until content arises. It is a meditative process that begins with the choice of canvas size, paint, brushes. And music.

Conrad Jon Godly

Photo's by Maurice Haas

Music is an integral part of the process. Its tempo sets the right tone for mood and expression in the work.

Being abstract and hyperreal at the same time is an intriguing characteristic of the sol series. With a brushwork that is heavily reduced and dissolved, the blue-scale colours melt into non-representational shapes. But from a distance, one glances undoubtedly at snow-covered tops.

For Godly, painting is a process. One can spend a lifetime invested into one particular topic if it keeps transforming, but repetition is devastating. Refusing to be boxed and categorised, there is a deep desire to show how the world is changing in ways a painter can.

Stereotypes are misplaced. Godly’s sol paintings allow for a nostalgic retreat into the mountains while containing multiple other dimensions.

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Conrad Jon Godly

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