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The Artist

Felipe Pantone

1986, Argentina

Painter & Media Artist

He is always in motion but never shows his face. Felipe Pantone moves through the world by making use of both mystery and technology.

An element of the digital world which is included in one way or another in every work of Felipe Pantone – even in the ones which are made exclusively by hand. Those resemblances are not of visual matter alone, the artist is fascinated by the internet where data chains and knowledge are supplied endlessly. According to him, current society is the most dynamic known to date.

No day in the studio is the same. Mostly, because Pantone spends the majority of his days outside of the studio.

As aviation is not a wifi-free zone anymore, the artist can be in conversation with his team in Valencia from virtually everywhere. He travels frequently, melting works of art, graphic design, and graffiti on walls and physical objects all over the world. And he carries the element of movement into his canvases and installations too. The viewer is charmed and challenged with the kinetic effects of his eclectic arrangements, sometimes invited to hop on a trampoline while watching images blur.

Pantone uses different mediums, works in different capacities. A surface can be sprayed, drawn, painted or taped, and often all simultaneously. Three-dimensional objects and software are being made too, a die cutting machine with a pen instead of a blade can draw every design from the computer. It is the fifth pair of hands in the studio.

There is a degree of seriousness and enigma - Felipe Pantone prefers images of his work over images of his face and only works with people he likes.

Works for sale of Felipe Pantone

Edition of 20

Untitled, 2017

Felipe Pantone