black and white, quite dramatic portrait of Tom Sachs wearing clear-framed glasses

Tom Sachs

Post-consumer bricolage

"I make no distinction between a cathedral, a sculpture, a painting, a performance or a pair of sneakers. They’re all art to me. It’s all the same approach. They hold the same values of transparency."

For Tom Sachs, the beauty of an object is in the imperfections. The sturdy, DIY aesthetic of his artworks is a counterbalance to the clean, minimal lines of modern consumer products – a stand against inbuilt obsolescence. Sachs works alongside a team in his New York City studio to create large-scale sculptures and installations. They use a huge range of materials, from duct tape and wood to ‘ready...

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Tom Sachs (he/him) was born 1966 in New York, United States, where he continues to live and work.


Sachs riffs on high-tech consumer culture in an ever-growing repertoire of materials and formats – from sculpture and installation to apparel and NFTs. All of his experiments are anchored to a ‘bricolage’ approach to making art.


Sachs Studio, referred to as a Teaching Hospital, is where he creates work alongside his team. It's important to Sachs that the process is driven by a love for making things, together.

Collaborations with Tom Sachs

Avant Arte and Tom Sachs have one upcoming collaboration.

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