silkscreen print of a simply-drawn co-branded rocket

Too Darn Hot

€ 750

silkscreen print of a co-branded rocket by Tom Sachs

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  • Tom Sachs in his studio
    The purpose of this is to get art into people's hands.

Behind the scenes

  • row of half-printed silkscreen prints in a workshop
  • printing screen flooded with canary yellow ink
  • a hand adjusting a metal debossing plate in a workshop space
  • gloved hands testing the ink for an edition number stamp
  • stack of prints being moved on a wooden pallette

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  • Everything was perfect. I'm impressed how it was packaged. Thank you.

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  • artwork is simply exquisite and Avant Arte’s customer service was exceptional as always. Thank you!

  • Not only the artwork, but also the unboxing was was a highlight itself - thank you for your perfect service!