A portrait shot of Lin-Yen Liang in his studio

Lin Yen-Liang

Intuitive portraits full of curiosity

Lin Yen-Liang paints endearing portraits of children and animals – each character has their own personality and flare. Sometimes they’re excited, shy or joyful. Sometimes cheeky and mischievous. Whatever the scenario, their expressive faces always tell a story. This is something that comes naturally to Yen-Liang. During his process, he sketches out storyboards like a comic strip or film plot. Plus...

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Lin Yen-Liang (he/him) is a Tawianiese artist born in 1987. Today, he lives and works in Taiwan.


Just like the figures in his paintings, Lin Yen-Liang has a strong bond with animals. In the studio, his pet birds and cat roam the place freely and proudly – and they often make appearances in his art.

Public Art

In 2018 Yen-Liang did a residency in the city of Taichung. While there he turned one of his signature dog sculptures into a permanent outdoor display.

Collaborations with Lin Yen-Liang

Avant Arte and Lin Yen-Liang have one upcoming collaboration.