Margo Wolowiec sat in her studio looking at the camera

Margo Wolowiec

Virtual becomes physical in woven distortions of artefacts from the internet.

"I have always been interested in textiles ability to hold information and act as an index of time and place."

Margo Wolowiec balances deep theoretical considerations about the digital-world, information and politics with the physical processes of weaving and printing. Apps and algorithms are used to collect photographs from hashtags or geo-tags, which she then prints onto polyester threads and weaves together. Her large works are assembled in panels that are mounted onto canvas or stretched on free-standi...

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Margo Wolowiec was born in 1985 in Detroit, Michigan, USA, where she continues to live and work.


Wolowiec's art has been exhibited alongside a number of seminal predecessors, including Pop Art icon Roy Lichtenstein - joining a lineage of artists who create work using pre-existing images and objects from their cultural context.


Works featured in collections including Detroit Center for Photography; Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Kadist Art Foundation, San Francisco; MacLean Collection, Libertyville and San Jose Museum of Art.

Collaborations with Margo Wolowiec