male and female artist both looking downwards in the direction that the female reaches her hand out to point to


Art, design and technology merge in delicate visions of beauty.

"We want to make people pause and find stillness - even if it's only for a few minutes."

For DRIFT, technology is a form of nature, and nature is a technology. This idea is at the heart of all their projects – which come in many different forms. Sculpture, installation and performance all feature. The duo also collaborate with universities, scientists and programme developers. Flylight (2015) is a prime example of their work. The installation is based on the behaviour of starlings who...

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Lonneke Gordijn (b. 1980, Alkmaar, Netherlands) and Ralph Nauta (b. 1978, Swindon, UK) met while studying at Design School Eindhoven and founded studio DRIFT in 2006. Their multidisciplinary, Amsterdam-based team now has more than 60 members.


DRIFT's high-tech installations have appeared in iconic locations around the world – including Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg; Centre Pompidou, Paris, Church of San Lorenzo, Venice and Times Square, New York. In each case, physical and digital elements of the work are carefully configured in response to the space.

Did you know?

The duo's primary source of inspiration is the calmness of nature. Every year, Gordijn harvests new dandelions to add to their ongoing project – Fragile Future.

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