Another Future

Another Future by DRIFT
Another Future by DRIFT
Another Future by DRIFT

DRIFT merge technology, art and design into delicate and visionary beauty. Another Future consists of nine luminous real dandelion seeds, hand-picked and glued seed–by–seed to LED lights.

Edition size
50 editions
26cm x 51cm x 10cm
Conductive print, dandelion seeds, LEDs & plexiglass. Includes a micro-USB cable and a location-specific plug.
Framing Options
No framing options.
Each edition is signed and numbered by the artist in the bottom right-hand corner.
Release date
September 02, 2020
From the artist
still from Studio Drift picking up dandelions
More about DRIFT

Lonneke Gordijn (b. 1980, Alkmaar, Netherlands) and Ralph Nauta (b. 1978, Swindon, UK) met while studying at Design School Eindhoven and founded studio DRIFT in 2006. Their multi-disciplinary, Amsterdam-based team is now has more than 60 members.