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Michael Kozlowski

Digital versus natural

“I believe generative art will have a tremendous influence on our experience and consumption of art within our lifetimes. Everything I do and everything I make is an attempt to push this transformation forward.”

Michael Kozlowski is a media artist primarily interested in generative systems and mixed reality. In his work, he incorporates elements and techniques from the past into the bounds and capabilities that mediums like generative and immersive art provide. “As digital technology becomes more prevalent, traditional two-dimensional media will concede its monopoly on our experience and consumption of ar...

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Michael Kozlowski (he/him) was born in Kalispell, Montana. He is currently based in Seattle. Kozlowski is best known for the generative art projects Metropolis (2023), Tectonics (2022), Parnassus (2022) and Chimera (2021).

Did you know?

Michael Kozlowski studied film while at university, and was only exposed to creative coding after taking an elective class in his final year. “Deciding to take that class was one of those times in my life, where a single, seemingly insignificant decision impacted my future in a tremendous way."


Michael Kozlowski attended the University of Southern California and after graduation worked as a software developer at a variety of technology companies. In June 2021, he quit his job at Microsoft, where he worked on a Hololens R&D Team, to pursue an art career full-time.

Collaborations with Michael Kozlowski