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Sarah Zucker

NFT dimensions parallel humour, psychedelia and mysticism

“I’ve created what I call a “video altar,” with different devices, doo-dads, knick-knacks, and things that I've put together. It’s become my command centre. I bedazzled my TV and encrusted it with plastic gems. I can channel energy when I work there.”

Sarah Zucker’s art blends futuristic and dated technologies into film, gifs and NFTs. Mixing digital and analog video techniques and VHS, electric pinks, blues and greens create NFTs and gifs. Their colours are rich with texture and are retro yet contemporary. This blend, she says “transports the viewer out of their present reality.” Zucker says, “I want to create multi-fractal parallel dimensions...

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Sarah Zucker (she/they/he) was born in 1985 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. She now lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

In their Words

“The Screen is the most significant threshold of our time. It was much easier to define what happened inside the screen vs. what happened outside the screen when I was young – outside was “real life” and inside was “fiction.”

Did you Know?

Zucker first minted (or blockchain verified) her first NFT on platform SuperRare in 2019. Since, her editions have gained huge traction.

Collaborations with Sarah Zucker