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  • Communication, shipping integrity, and overall piece were all great! recommended!

    Review of Untitled [Man in Car with Shed]Collector's 2nd order
  • Always an amazing service from the team at Avant Art! Keep up the great work and collaborations.

    Review of Study_for_Null_Portrait of someone#166Collector's 3rd order
  • Very happy with everything, the piece is better than I expected. Taking it to the framer next week :) thanks!

    Review of CentrifugeCollector's 14th order
  • The Avant Arte team is all around top notch. Excellent communication and everything is always packaged so thoughtfully. A+

    Review of Ringers #962: The LACMA IterationsCollector's 3rd order
  • From start to finish, the process of purchasing, claiming the NFT counterpart, and receiving the framed piece was nothing short of excellent. My entire experience with Avant Arte displayed a level of professionalism and excellence across the board. Well done!

    Review of Ringers #962: The LACMA IterationsCollector's 2nd order
  • As a longtime buyer of prints and editions, I am extremely impressed with my first Avant Arte experience. The attention to quality, detail, packaging and customer experience are among the best I've seen.

    Review of UntitledCollector's 1st order
  • I am extremely pleased with both the packaging and delivery of the piece. Your attention to detail in handling and packaging surpasses that of many galleries. Your commitment to respecting the artwork is truly commendable. Excellent job!

    Review of UntitledCollector's 1st order
  • Had a great experience. The Avant Art team was extremely helpful throughout the entire transaction.

    Review of UntitledCollector's 2nd order
  • I was a bit apprehensive about ordering the hand-finished print as I saw examples online were the spraypaint canceled out some of the beautiful elements, but I am beyond pleased with the print I received. I grew up in the Bay Area and Barry McGee is my art hero. I am also a printmaker so appreciate the craft of this print!

    Review of Untitled (Hand-finished)Collector's 1st order
  • Lovely piece at a great price. Shame the other print sold so quickly.

    Review of UntitledCollector's 1st order
  • I couldn't be more happy with my experience, and especially the work! I appreciate how accommodating everyone at AA was. The work even arrived a day ahead of schedule. I'm impressed with how professionally everything was packed, the free tote bag, and the attention to detail with the letter-pressed COA. This has exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be recommending AA to friends in the future. I can't wait to get my piece framed and hung to get to see it every day.

    Review of UntitledCollector's 1st order
  • Love, love, love this piece of amazing work...from the craftmanship, brilliance of the colors, to the title it is fire! My new fave...among many other favorites! The treatment my framer gave it is delicious and aww inspiring...thanks Avant Arte!

    Review of In Search For LightCollector's 6th order
  • Wonderful experience. Art looks amazing. Unbelievable framing. Thank you!!

    Review of Untitled [Man in Car with Shed]Collector's 1st order
  • Top tier experience all around. The print quality is amazing, the packaging was superb, and the process was seamless. I am a huge fan of Avant Arte and I hope to continue collecting from you.

    Review of WarothyCollector's 2nd order
  • Great service delivering to Australia, thrilled with the artwork. look forward to hanging it once our renovation is finished.

    Review of Diamond Vibration (Caught by the fuzz)Collector's 1st order
  • The print itself is of the highest quality and above expectations. The packaging also is of the highest level.

    Review of Ringers #962: The LACMA IterationsCollector's 2nd order
  • Sincerely grateful for the continued relationship and opportunity to be a trusted art custodian. Myself and my family are overjoyed for this added addition to our home! From the packaging to the framing and the touches within all done with such attention to detail. Thank you to the entire AA team

    Review of Ringers #962: The LACMA IterationsCollector's 5th order
  • I'm really impressed by the packaging, my boyfriend was very delighted to open the crate and also by the quality of the frame.

    Review of Untitled [Man in Car with Shed]Collector's 1st order
  • The piece is great and it arrived securely. It was packaged carefully and the unboxing was a really good experience! Thank you again!!

    Review of Ringers #962: The LACMA IterationsCollector's 1storder
  • Beautiful, I ordered mine without a frame because I wanted to choose my own frame! Waiting on the frame now but the packaging was A-1.

    Review of 10,000 On-Chain Collector's 3rd order
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Parra's studio, with Parra at the centre, his back to the camera as he works on the large painting takes centre stage, showing a faceless blue woman in a striped dress, painted in red, purple, blue and teal. The studio is full of brightly coloured paints, with a large window on the right and a patterned rug across the floor under the painting.