Hebru Brantley

Gaia (White Marble)


Archetypal heroes and Pop Art codes converge in Hebru Brantley’s empowering Afrofuturism.

Gaia, a personification of Mother Earth and embodiment of good fortune, belongs to a cast of instantly recognisable characters who have become synonymous with the artist’s practice.

Realised in two separate parts and accompanied by a twin edition in black, each sculpture is carved from white Statuario marble - representing the artist’s first-ever work in the medium.

White marble sculpture by Hebru Brantley
black marble statue by Hebru Brantley
Edition size
8 editions
63cm x 44cm x 46cm
Statuario marble sculpture, assembled from two parts.
The natural character and veining of the white Statuario marble makes every sculpture unique.
Release date
November 29, 2021
From the artist
Artist in khaki green cardigan sitting on a table next to two of his marble sculptures
My kids are constant sources of inspiration.
More about Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley was born in 1981 in Chicago, where he continues to live and work.