back view (neat) of a printed black hoodie


€ 160

front view (messy) of a black hoodie

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Looks really great - high quality print arrived in perfect condition. Thank You!

  • beautiful print. top notch

  • I am impressed how piece be packed and delivered. Thank you.

  • very happy with the artwork and service from Avante arte

  • It was a great experience on all levels...

  • Love, love, love this piece of amazing work...from the craftmanship, brilliance of the colors, to the title it is fire! My new fave...among many other favorites! The treatment my framer gave it is delicious and aww inspiring...thanks Avant Arte!

  • Overall extremely impressed with Avant Arte, especialy with the shipping/packaging and materials included with the print. Definitely care and attention to detail not typicaly associated with art of this price-level. Thank you

  • i loved the details of the note and gloves. well done!