Maze (Print) by James Jean

Maze (Print)

€ 975

Maze (Print) by James Jean

Behind the scenes

  • Maze (Print) by James Jean
  • Maze (Print) by James Jean
  • Maze (Print) by James Jean

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • The unboxing was wonderful! Great work! This was a total experience!

  • strong work from all team members - i look forward to the next purchase!

  • Very smooth transaction. The piece is beautiful. Can;t wait to get it framed.

  • Excellent quality and communication! excited to continue this relationship with Avant Arte and team, and explore more art

  • we appreciate the care taken in transport. Our piece was unframed but we appreciated how the packaging was done to protect it and also extras like the information on the art and the tote bag. We love the art work.

  • awesome experience all around, kudos to you all!

  • 10/10 The customer service was great, it didn't take long to receive the package, the shipping was ultra safe and the entire presentation was top tier. Very impressed, cheers!

  • Fantastic packaging and very good service so Happy.