Picaresque by Baldur Helgason


€ 1.500

Picaresque by Baldur Helgason

Behind the scenes

  • Baldur Helgason hand etching the plates for his edition 'Picaresque'
  • Baldur Helgason signing his edition 'Picaresque'
  • Baldur Helgason signing his edition 'Picaresque'

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Great service delivering to Australia, thrilled with the artwork. look forward to hanging it once our renovation is finished.

  • 10/10 The customer service was great, it didn't take long to receive the package, the shipping was ultra safe and the entire presentation was top tier. Very impressed, cheers!

  • Once again amazing quality print from avant arte. Can't fault you! Looking forward to future drops.

  • Great service overall, makes an easy process for buying and shipping art which is typically difficult and expensive.

  • I am extremely pleased with both the packaging and delivery of the piece. Your attention to detail in handling and packaging surpasses that of many galleries. Your commitment to respecting the artwork is truly commendable. Excellent job!

  • Thanks again for great collaboration and looking forward to new projects and pieces for my collection.

  • Fantastic packaging and very good service so Happy.

  • I absolutely love the textured details. The picture literally pops off the canvas and the floating frame encompasses those details perfectly. Amazing job by Jake Fried and the Avant Arte team! I'm excited for my next purchase.