Still Confused


LY extolls droll wanderlust in greyscale scenes roamed by imagined character, LUV.

While themes of urban isolation predate COVID-19 in the artist's work, they are perhaps more tangible and universally-felt in the aftermath of almost two years of various lockdowns and restrictions. A pair of new editions, Confused LUV and Still Confused see the artist's ever-ambiguous character curled into a ball. As their titles suggest, LUV is confused.

Edition size
50 editions
Framed: 80.3cm x 3cm
ø: 72.5cm
Hand-pulled 33-layer, 16-colour screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm with UV spot varnish details.
Prints can be ordered float-mounted in a circular solid wood frame, painted black and fitted with UV plexiglass for protection. An option to upgrade to TruVue Optium Acrylic is also available.
Individually signed and numbered by the artist.
Release date
January 20, 2022
More about LY

LY was born in in 1981 in Tokyo, Japan, where she continues to live and work.