Paul Insect

The Ultimate Journey (Gold)

The Ultimate Journey - Gold

Through Dada-esque portraits, Paul Insect explores freedom and identity in the age of the internet.

Stencil, graffiti, and an inventive use of colour are core to the artist's work, as typified in The Ultimate Journey (Gold).

The Ultimate Journey - Red
The Ultimate Journey - Gold
The Ultimate Journey - Blue
Edition size
75 editions
97cm x 71cm
A 10 colour screen print on a 410gsm somerset paper. The final product was created using overprinting, gloss varnish, UV varnish, glass glitter and diamond dust.
Release date
March 16, 2018
More about Paul Insect

Paul Insect, also known as PINS, was born in 1971 in the south east of England. He now lives and works in London.