Untitled 2021 by Huma Bhabha

Untitled, 2021

€ 1.235

Slender skull-like face with blue background, Untitled 2021 by Huma Bhabha

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • the presentation when I received this was everything and perfect. First time purchasing from AA but very impressed with all the attention to detail from the glove placement to packaging.

  • simply one of the most well produced prints i have ever purchased. its absolutely beyond what i was expecting. so beautiful!!!

  • Everything was great. Thanks!

  • The artwork is amazing, the quality of the printing is sublime, I am totally amazed, Thank you

  • very good quality of the print and very professional service 👍

  • You did a great job with the framing and the packing/shipping. I buy a lot of prints from different vendors and was very impressed.

  • love the quality and care put into the work. love it and cant wait to hang it at home.

  • Once again amazing quality print from avant arte. Can't fault you! Looking forward to future drops.