Robert Nava - Untitled 6

Untitled 6

€ 917

Robert Nava - Untitled 6

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • great packaging, and the print is great!

  • Great service delivering to Australia, thrilled with the artwork. look forward to hanging it once our renovation is finished.

  • The best print buying experience I've had by far. Thank you for all the effort.

  • Overall extremely impressed with Avant Arte, especialy with the shipping/packaging and materials included with the print. Definitely care and attention to detail not typicaly associated with art of this price-level. Thank you

  • print looks fabulous! super happy with it!

  • It was a great experience on all levels...

  • Super stoked... exceeded expectations. Great framing and packaging and love the extra details in the authenticity card, bag, stickers.

  • Amazing platform and communication! Amazing art and print quality! Great service and support! Thanks!