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Chris Succo

Chris Succo’s paintings vary between strong statements and lyrical compositions. Coming from a musical background he sculpts the canvas like heavy, distorted riffs played on an electric guitar

He is well known for his abstract paintings and his multi-faceted practice: Succo works in a wide range of media including photography, silk-screening and sculpture. Often drawing upon autobiographical, art historical and cultural sources Succo has created an oeuvre that is coherent while also being remarkably diverse.

Succo studied at the prolific Kunstakademie Düsseldorf with Prof. Georg Herold, an influential German artist close to Albert Oehlen, Martin Kippenberger and other members of the German “Junge Wilde”, before moving to London in 2010 to attend the Royal College of Art. The artist cites these years of experimentation as formative—a time which set the standard for things yet to come. By now the artist is represented by Almine Rech and The Journal Gallery and has had shows in Brussels, London, New York, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. His work is sought after by international collectors and enthusiasts alike.

At least two dialogues can be decoded simultaneously. On the one hand Succo is concerned with elements from the history and tradition of painting, possibly an inescapable feature of this most ancient medium. However, on the other hand his canvasses are layered with meaning and references taken from the world in which we live in: words, music, contemporary culture.

For the current show at Whitestone Gallery in Taipei the artist has selected works executed from 2012 to 2017 which are shown together for the first time. One of the things that immediately stands out, is the spectrum: featured works range from his White Paintings series, gestural oil paintings that reflect on the act of painting and paint as material, to duo-chromatic ZigZag Paintings which are influenced by writing and the idea of difference and repetition. Completely different, an untitled series of Silkscreen Paintings which depict nudes cut out from magazines and reference the desires of youth culture and the excessive use of such imagery. The color-laden Binge Paintings, executed in thick oil paint with palette knife and brush, reflect on the perception of early morning light.

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