George Condo

American artist George Condo was part of the it-crowd in 1980s New York, hanging out at Andy Warhold’s factory. He blends Surrealism, Cubism and Pop Art to paint his own weird and wonderful world.

George Condo is a genre-bending pundit of surreal and bizarre worlds.

Growing up in New Hampshire, USA, he began drawing at six-years-old. While studying art and music in 1978, George realised the traditional path wasn’t for him – he wanted to blend Surrealism, Cubism and Pop Art.

He moved to New York in the 1980s and fell in with the it-crowd at Andy Warhol’s factory. His art became completely free form

I never draw anything in advance, I just completely improvise the entire thing.

Carol's Head, 1988 - 89

Tête de prosciutto, 1991

Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 2010

In the 1990s, his alternative world continued to build – animals, people and landscapes became more surreal.

By the 21st century, George’s musical roots took a turn to the mainstream.

Kanye actually specifically requested that he made sure one of the covers would be banned by retailers.

Over five decades, he’s allowed his imagination to run riot – in all its comical and uncanny glory.

To him, this distorted and unusual world is completely real.

Art is the truth and everything else is a lie.

Surrealist Landscape, 1983

Voyage of Sisyphus, 1995



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