Ekstatis by Lina Iris Viktor


€ 15.000

Ekstasis by Lina Iris Viktor

Behind the scenes

  • black basalt rock sculpture with bronze details on a white marble table
  • gloved hands holding a paintbrush, applying gold detail to a black sculpture
  • gloved hand placing a gold, arch-shaped detail onto a black basalt sculpture
  • artist standing behind a black basalt sculpture, marking it with a red pencil
  • artist wearing gold jewellery inspecting a basalt sculpture from behind a table

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Fantastic work, fantastic customer experience

  • its wonderful. i love buying from you all.

  • appart from a incredible opportunity to own and enjoy an Ai Weiwei the packaging was exemplary. i have worked pretty much my whole life in the art and museum sector and this impressed me very much, well sone you guys 👍🏻

  • Excellent service from Avant Arte! Thank you!

  • its a wonderful piece ! very happy

  • I absolutely love the textured details. The picture literally pops off the canvas and the floating frame encompasses those details perfectly. Amazing job by Jake Fried and the Avant Arte team! I'm excited for my next purchase.

  • Love my print and the safe packaging provided by Avant Arte. Thank you!

  • Always an amazing service from the team at Avant Art! Keep up the great work and collaborations.