Lina Iris Viktor



With ancient motifs in opulent palettes, British-Liberian artist Lina Iris Viktor asks what light and dark might really mean.

Carved from volcanic rock, Ekstasis translates the deep, primordial blacks found throughout Viktor’s painting into sculptural form. The character of each piece of porous basalt makes every work unique, while the black and gold-coated bronze details that punctuate the sculpture’s surface draw connections to a host of archaic iconographies.

"I wanted to forge a vessel that defied the laws of gravity; an ancient object imbued with pre-verbal, universal symbols depicting humanity’s storied relationship with our cosmos - preserved within time."

Edition size
11 editions
31cm x 10cm x 10cm
Volcanic rock with black and gold-coated bronze details.
Number and artist's signature on the underside of each sculpture.
Release date
October 29, 2021
Behind the scenes
More about Lina Iris Viktor

Lina Iris Viktor was raised in the UK by Liberian parents, and now divides her time between London and Italy.