abstract black and blue paint on white paper

Untitled 3

€ 2.250

Jenny Brosinski - Untitled 3
Framed: 42cm x 30cm
Comes float-mounted in a bespoke white box frame. 
Oil paint on A3 size paper.
Certificate of Authenticity
Arrives with a certificate of authenticity
Release date
September 09, 2020

Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Excellent quality and communication! excited to continue this relationship with Avant Arte and team, and explore more art

  • Thank you for paying attention to the details and for making even little peope feel grand. 🫶🏻

  • Everything was perfect. I'm impressed how it was packaged. Thank you.

  • perfect customer service! thank you

  • The unboxing was wonderful! Great work! This was a total experience!

  • I love it! beautifully framed.Thanks

  • This piece is lovely and out for framing. I actually want to buy another.

  • strong work from all team members - i look forward to the next purchase!