Hassan Hajjaj

Yazid & Rania


Hassan Hajjaj’s ebullient portraits marry Western pop culture with his Moroccan heritage. Our first collaboration, Yazid & Rania, is a bespoke framed photograph which belongs to Hajjaj’s My Rockstars series, in which he tributes an eclectic assembly of subjects from around the world who are all, to him, rockstars.

Yazid Bezaz (right) co-founded Somnii, a collective of rappers, producers, sound engineers and photographers centred on creative freedom and nonconformity. Rania Malek (left) is a singer, model and visual artist who collaborates with numerous creatives in Marrakech, most often in music and fashion. Both embody an attitude shared by Hajjaj of nomadic, cross-cultural collectivism.

Edition size
Framed: 81cm x 63cm x 4cm
Chromogenic print on Fujiflex paper.
Each print arrives in a hand-made white frame, mounted on Dibond and surrounded by a polka-dot tablecloth border.
A label signed by the artist is affixed to the reverse.
Release date
September 10, 2021
Behind the scenes
More about Hassan Hajjaj

Hassan Hajjaj was born in 1961 in Larache, Morocco, and now lives and works in London, UK.