Felipe Pantone

Chromadynamica Variable – Grey

Edition of 10
€ 2,056.60 Including VAT
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For NL Consumers & Companies € 2,056.60
For EU Consumers € 2,056.60
For EU Companies € 1,886.79
Outside EU Consumers & Companies € 1,886.79

Felipe Pantone
50 cm
72 cm
Mdf panel base and an aluminum sheet
The edition is moveable
Printed by
Felipe Pantone
2 weeks

Varying in size from its static form measuring 50x72cm, up to maximum of 95x50cm when displayed "in movement". This unprecedented limited edition applies his unmistakable digitally-based aesthetics on custom built structure made of mdf panel base and an aluminum sheet with up to 11 pixelated stripes. Using magnets as the mounting method, the parts of the piece are easily movable both vertically and horizontally, enabling different sequences of the stripes which form assorted vibrant compositions.

With "Chromadynamica Variable" Pantone once again entered the immersive world of kinetic art and created a highly interactive object that offers infinite combinations and endless interpretations.

Studio shots
Felipe Pantone

He is always in motion but never shows his face. Felipe Pantone moves through the world by making use of both mystery and technology.

An element of the digital world which is included in one way or another in every work of Felipe Pantone – even in the ones which are made exclusively by hand. Those resemblances are not of visual matter alone, the artist is fascinated by the internet where data chains and knowledge are supplied endlessly. According to him, current society is the most dynamic known to date.

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