Adriana Oliver in the studio

Adriana Oliver

Faceless, neo-pop portraits muse on identity in an ever-changing world.

“I break images down to their most powerful, essential forms.”

Faceless portraits are, essentially, an oxymoron - but not for Oliver. With elegant graphic sensibility, her blank silhouettes explore societal expectations in modern-day life. Having started out as a photographer, she transitioned to the medium of painting because she felt it offered her greater autonomy over the image and, by extension, greater capacity for storytelling. Oliver works primarily w...

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Spanish artist Adriana Oliver, born 1990, currently lives and works a short distance from Barcelona.


The artist's elegant canvases have captured the attention of fashion press worldwide, with features in publications such as GQ Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Brazil and Vogue Hong Kong.

Did you know?

Her practice unites a love for romantic, mid-century cinema and photography with a studied interest in gender and multiculturalism.

Collaborations with Adriana Oliver

Avant Arte and Adriana Oliver have one upcoming collaboration.