untitled print by Barry McGee


€ 600

untitled print by Barry McGee

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  • Barry McGee walking towards a wall tagged 'TWIST'
    Brothers Marshall, Malibu
  • squeegee pulling fluorescent pink ink across a mesh screen
    Make-Ready, London

Behind the scenes

  • Barry McGee carrying a print in his studio
  • neon pink ink tests for a print by Barry McGee
  • tin of fluorescent pink ink mixed for a silkscreen print by Barry McGee
  • Barry McGee opening a cardboard box in his studio
  • Barry McGee holding up a print agains the wall in his studio

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Excellent on every level - buying experience, communication, framing and packaging by (which was exceptional) and of course, the actual artwork - it is stunning in real life - really delighted.

  • Not only the artwork, but also the unboxing was was a highlight itself - thank you for your perfect service!

  • much better than rxpected. the print is high quality and the packaging professional

  • Absolutely stunning print!

  • incredible super premium packaging! the unboxing experience was wow! the piece is gorgeous, looking forward to hang it

  • well done, excellent product and customer service

  • Fantastic packaging and very good service so Happy.

  • Love my print and the safe packaging provided by Avant Arte. Thank you!