Gabriel Moses

Lea, 2024

€ 350

Gabriel Moses

Gabriel Moses

Lea, 2024

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Lea inhabits Gabriel Moses’ powerful vision of motherhood in a limited edition photographic print.

Through Moses’ lens, Lea embodies a protector. Delicately dressed in white with a rifle slung over her shoulder, she is the guardian of her child, soon to be born. The vision for this photograph emanates from the photographer's own upbringing – raised by a powerful single mother in South London. 

Lea (2024) belongs to the series Regina, a photographic tribute by Moses to the women who have and continue to shape his world.

Styling: @gerryroryokane
Casting: @isabelbush_
Make Up: @mata_marielle
Hair: @sophie_jane_anderson
Set: @juliadiasstudio
Talent: @judith_onah @adit_priscilla
Movement Direction: @manuloca_
VFX: @tildax_x_
Production: @concretereplimited
Retouch: @_thehandofgod

My mum took it on herself to be a protector. It’s all I’ve known, to be around someone who raised me but has also protected me from a lot of nonsense. I wanted to push that with my photos – what motherhood means to me, and what it means to other people. It’s not just my story, it’s a universal story.

Gabriel Moses

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