Majakathata by Neo Matloga


€ 750

a greayscale collage of a face by artist Neo Matloga

Behind the scenes

  • Neo Matloga at the printing workshop, Majakathata by Neo Matloga - details hot
  • artist Neo Matloga proof checking his print, at the printing place - close up
  • artist Neo Matloga holding his print, at the printing place
  • prints by artist Neo Matloga drying at the screen printing workshop

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • incredible super premium packaging! the unboxing experience was wow! the piece is gorgeous, looking forward to hang it

  • print looks fabulous! super happy with it!

  • love the quality and care put into the work. love it and cant wait to hang it at home.

  • amazing piece. love the frame and unbox experience

  • The artwork is amazing, the quality of the printing is sublime, I am totally amazed, Thank you

  • the Service was perfect and i love my print

  • Overall extremely impressed with Avant Arte, especialy with the shipping/packaging and materials included with the print. Definitely care and attention to detail not typicaly associated with art of this price-level. Thank you

  • the print is amazing. cant wait to frame and hang.