HOPE (1-125)

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  • Pejac


HOPE (1-125)

Unique work

Edition of 1000


This series of 1000 unique prints has been divided into 8 drops. Within each drop, prints will be allocated at random. Discover the collaboration

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Drop 01 / 08

#1–125 from an edition of 1000

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HOPE is a series of 1000 unique prints which revisits a mural painted on the wall of a Spanish hospital in 2020.

Pejac created the mural to remember the tragedies of Covid-19, but also the togetherness the pandemic fostered in communities around the world. Thousands of tiny figures form the illusion of a crevice. On close inspection, each has their own story, interacting with empathy and solidarity.

During a month-long residency at Make-Ready in London, Pejac reinterpreted his crevice on a blank canvas. The process was documented 1000 times. Each stage corresponds with a unique print. As a final flourish, one figure from each print is highlighted by hand with 24 carat gold leaf. In this figure, the artist hopes the viewer can see themselves shining amongst the crowd.

The images on this page show print 15/1000, selected as a representative example for prints 1-125. A minimum of 20 prints from this drop will be available at launch.

What helped us get through the pandemic was never losing hope. With this edition, I would like to give collectors a way to keep that optimistic feeling alive.


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