Paul Insect

Together Alone (Gold)


Stencil, graffiti, and an inventive use of colour are core to Paul Insect’s work.

Together Alone, an edition of only 20, is a particularly special edition that uses gold metallic elements. Each work has subtle differences given the cut-out elements uniquely positioned by Paul’s own hand.

Paul Insect - Together alone silver
Together Alone - Gold
Edition size
20 editions
82cm x 84cm
Somerset tub Satin 410gsm, Somerset Satin Enhanced 330gsm and Heritage Book 315gsm paper individually finished, cut, varnished and layered by hand.
Each one is signed and numbered.
Release date
January 31, 2021
Behind the scenes
More about Paul Insect

Paul Insect, also known as PINS, was born in 1971 in the south east of England. He now lives and works in London.