Patrick framed composite yellow
close up of boys in front of clouds with patterned overlay
up close of leg and foot detail with floral background
up close of arm detail with cloud background
yellow circles behind of clouds with patterned overlay
edge of Patrick Quarm print with blue painted line
Patrick Quarm signature

Twilight (Yellow)

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Twilight (Yellow)
Edition details
Unframed: 74.1cm x 64.2cm
Framed: 82.1cm x 72.2cm x 3.8cm
Prints arrive float-mounted in a bespoke, matte white contoured frame fitted with UV plexiglass for protection.
​​Multi-layered archival pigment print with rounded corners, printed on 330gsm Somerset Enhanced Satin and 210gsm Fabriano paper and finished with embossing and silkscreen satin varnish details. Each print is hand-finished by the artist in blue paint.
Individually signed (right) and numbered (left) by the artist.
Release date
March 24, 2022
Behind the scenes