groups of mythical humans join in suburbia
hybrid colourful characters
characters in colourful beach house
hybrid colourful character in form of beach hut with multiple eyes and tie
hybrid colourful characters
shiny eye of strange hybrid characters coalesce in a suburban town
Aaron signing his print edition
Aaron Johnson in situ with white sofas

Suburban Dreams

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Suburban Dreams
Edition details
Unframed: 55cm x 67.3cm
Framed: 62.7cm x 75cm x 3.2cm
Prints can be ordered float-mounted in a bespoke dark American walnut frame, fitted with UV plexiglass for protection.
UV pigment and silkscreen hybrid print with matt silkscreen varnish and sparkle gloss varnish detail on 410gsm Somerset Tub Sized Radiant White paper.
Individually signed, dated and numbered by the artist.
Release date
May 31, 2023
Behind the scenes