red glass sculpted character with a smiley face and gold feet

Heartbreaker (Red)

€ 3.500

red glass sculpted character with a smiley face and gold feet

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  • Joakim Sculpture video

Behind the scenes

  • Glass blowing at glass foundry
  • Joakim sketches on furnace at factory
  • Joakim glass blown head being edited at foundry
  • Joakim heartbreaker sculptures going in oven
  • Joakim stands glass sculpture on its base at foundry
  • Joakim inspecting glass

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Top tier experience all around. The print quality is amazing, the packaging was superb, and the process was seamless. I am a huge fan of Avant Arte and I hope to continue collecting from you.

  • so impressed with packaging! stunning print!

  • Overall extremely impressed with Avant Arte, especialy with the shipping/packaging and materials included with the print. Definitely care and attention to detail not typicaly associated with art of this price-level. Thank you

  • I am extremely pleased with both the packaging and delivery of the piece. Your attention to detail in handling and packaging surpasses that of many galleries. Your commitment to respecting the artwork is truly commendable. Excellent job!

  • Great Packaging. Lovely print.

  • perfect customer service! thank you

  • I'm thrilled with the two pieces I've bought from you all. I look forward to collecting more in the future.

  • Amazing job on the framing and shipping.