graphic black and silver square artwork

Middle Finger in Black

€ 900

graphic black and silver square artwork

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  • Ai Weiwei sitting on a metal bench in a print studio
    Ai Weiwei: Printing Power

Behind the scenes

  • white gold leaf being applied section by section to the surface of a print
  • printmaker brushing excess gold leaf away
  • brush resting on a table with flecks of white gold amongst its bristles
  • Ai Weiwei and Tim Marlow visiting Make-Ready
  • printmaker using a blower to clean the surface of a silkscreen print

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Reviews from Avant collectors

  • Luv, luv, luv! Simple and clean complexity! A genuine piece of Art to love and admire...daily!

  • Fantastic work, fantastic customer experience

  • I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality and efficiency of your service. I've purchased art from various sources before, and some are still keeping me waiting. Consequently, I'm now a big admirer of your service. Thank you!

  • Great piece, arrived in excellent condition, thanks!

  • i have been very pleased with my wonderful art work! communication and packaging was suberb. highly recommend

  • Thank you for paying attention to the details and for making even little peope feel grand. 🫶🏻

  • Excellent service from Avant Arte! Thank you!

  • The piece looks great and we love having it in our home and added to our collection! Thanks so much...