Contour Line

Contour Line

In art, contour lines outline the edges of an object, emphasising the shape's boundaries and significant internal lines.

A contour is the line outlining a shape or form, like an outline. Contour drawing is often where beginners begin, following the visible edges of an object. It traces the outer edges of a form and any significant changes in its planes. In simple terms, it's a drawing that consists only of outlines without shading.

In contour drawing, the artist focuses on observing the object's edges without frequently looking at the paper while drawing. The aim is to create a line that accurately represents what is seen and trains the hand to follow the eye's movements.

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Parra's studio, with Parra at the centre, his back to the camera as he works on the large painting takes centre stage, showing a faceless blue woman in a striped dress, painted in red, purple, blue and teal. The studio is full of brightly coloured paints, with a large window on the right and a patterned rug across the floor under the painting.