Linocut, also called lino print or linoleum art, is a printmaking technique similar to woodcut, using linoleum sheets as the relief surface.

The linoleum block comprises a thin linoleum layer, typically affixed to wood. Unlike wood blocks, linoleum is soft and can be cut in any direction since it lacks a grain pattern. This allows for the creation of raised surfaces that can be inked and printed. Its slightly textured surface ensures even ink application.

Originally designed as a floor covering in the nineteenth century, linoleum gained popularity among artists and amateurs for printmaking in the twentieth century.

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Parra's studio, with Parra at the centre, his back to the camera as he works on the large painting takes centre stage, showing a faceless blue woman in a striped dress, painted in red, purple, blue and teal. The studio is full of brightly coloured paints, with a large window on the right and a patterned rug across the floor under the painting.