A squeegee is a tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade, used to spread or push ink or other substances across a surface, ensuring an even application.

The squeegee is a fundamental tool in screen printing, used to force ink through a mesh screen onto the substrate below. It also has everyday applications such as window cleaning and car washing. The tool comes in various forms and sizes to suit different tasks, and the hardness of the rubber blade can vary depending on the application requirements. Squeegees are also used in industrial settings, such as in the application of sealants and adhesives.

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Parra's studio, with Parra at the centre, his back to the camera as he works on the large painting takes centre stage, showing a faceless blue woman in a striped dress, painted in red, purple, blue and teal. The studio is full of brightly coloured paints, with a large window on the right and a patterned rug across the floor under the painting.