Contemporary Performance

Contemporary Performance

Contemporary performance is a body of work that blends elements from visual art, dance, and musical compositions, to construct an artistic expression.

Contemporary performance spans a wide array of fields, with no confines on pushing boundaries. It integrates modern techniques and encourages innovative thinking, offering audiences a markedly distinct experience compared to traditional classical performances. This tradition traces its roots back to the early 1800s, evolving through the Avant Garde movement into the present-day postmodern era. Immersing oneself in the realm of contemporary theatre opens doors to extensive collaborations and profound critical examinations of each technique, shedding light on their historical and present-day relevance.

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Parra's studio, with Parra at the centre, his back to the camera as he works on the large painting takes centre stage, showing a faceless blue woman in a striped dress, painted in red, purple, blue and teal. The studio is full of brightly coloured paints, with a large window on the right and a patterned rug across the floor under the painting.